Turmeric 3D*

  • List Price: $69.99
  • Price: $49.95
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  • The ultimate support for healthy inflammation levels.
  • Pure, powerful, organic fermented turmeric.
  • Fermentation maximizes your body’s intake of nutrients.
  • Also provides you fermented vitamin D3!
  • Supports healthy inflammation levels
  • ONE-Year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
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  • List Price: $69.99
  • Price: $49.95
  • You Save: $20.04 (29%)

Product Description

One of the Only “Triple Fermented” Turmeric Supplements on the Planet

Discover the combined power of turmeric – and its core ingredient curcumin – with not only vitamin D3, but also a powerful herb called ashwagandha to make the perfect blend of ingredients for powerful immune support.

  • Immune Support – Curcumin, the primary compound in turmeric, is a powerful agent for your immune support.
  • Mood – Compounds in turmeric may help maintain a healthy mood.
  • Maintain Healthy Joints – Curcumin may help maintain healthy joints.
  • Heart Health – Curcumin may aid in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system.

You’ve likely heard all the positive buzz about turmeric… it’s one of nature’s true superstars when it comes to supporting your immune system and overall health!

But turmeric is even more powerful when combined with other herbs that enhance its bioavailability even more.

We’ve taken all the incredible health benefits of turmeric and using our special fermentation process … turned it into a super supplement.

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“If You’re Over 35, This Is the Best Supplement You Can Take for Your Body, Heart, and Immune System”

Fermented Organic Turmeric… Fermented Vitamin D3… Fermented Organic Ginger… Ashwagandha Extract… Organic Andrographis Leaf…

What this synergistic mix of powerful ingredients that are fermented using multiple unique processes means is the most advanced, most bioavailable, and by far most beneficial turmeric supplement for your body available anywhere… Turmeric 3D!

If for any reason you're not happy with your results, simply return your (bottles OR canisters) within 1 year of the purchase date. And even if they're completely empty - we'll send you a FULL refund of the purchase price.

Try it today risk-free and feel the difference.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 865 reviews
Reputable Manufacturer

I know that the product is made to a very high standard with 2 very essential ingredients.
Please keep offering price deals.

Great Product!

We love the product...just not the price. Would receive a 5 star if a little more affordable.

Best turmeric supplement I have found

I have been using this supplement for several years. I had both neuropathy and joint pain from chemotherapy treatments. The oncologist had suggested painkiller for control. Within three days both were under control. And that improved steadily over the next few weeks. At Christmas time last year I forgot to bring it with me on vacation. I picked up another top rated supplement as a replacement. Within days both joint pain and neuropathy had returned full blast. Couldn’t wait to get home and back to taking Tumeric 3D! Great product!!

Turmeric RD

I have been using Tumeric 3D since it came out. I love this product and other from Organixx

Great Product!

I just love your tumeric product. I have purchased other items from you, and so I am familiar with the efficacy of your products. I trust Organixx to provide me with products that have superior ingredients, and the benefits to me as a consumer are wonderful. I even got my husband to take your tumeric. There is so much info on the Internet about the advantages of taking tumeric. If Organixx offers a product that I decide is necessary to support my continued good health, then Organixx is the way to go. Thank you for making such pristine products. Karen Bolin


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