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Promotes Healthy Immune and Inflammation Response & Helps with Free Radicals

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Magi-Complexx <br>Essential Oil Blend
Magi-Complexx <br>Essential Oil Blend
Magi-Complexx <br>Essential Oil Blend
Magi-Complexx <br>Essential Oil Blend
Magi-Complexx <br>Essential Oil Blend
Magi-Complexx <br>Essential Oil Blend
Magi-Complexx <br>Essential Oil Blend
Magi-Complexx <br>Essential Oil Blend
Magi-Complexx <br>Essential Oil Blend
Magi-Complexx <br>Essential Oil Blend
Magi-Complexx <br>Essential Oil Blend
Magi-Complexx <br>Essential Oil Blend
Magi-Complexx <br>Essential Oil Blend
Magi-Complexx <br>Essential Oil Blend
Magi-Complexx <br>Essential Oil Blend
Magi-Complexx <br>Essential Oil Blend
Magi-Complexx <br>Essential Oil Blend
Magi-Complexx <br>Essential Oil Blend
Magi-Complexx <br>Essential Oil Blend
Magi-Complexx <br>Essential Oil Blend
Magi-Complexx <br>Essential Oil Blend
Magi-Complexx <br>Essential Oil Blend
Magi-Complexx <br>Essential Oil Blend
Magi-Complexx <br>Essential Oil Blend
Magi-Complexx <br>Essential Oil Blend
Magi-Complexx <br>Essential Oil Blend
Magi-Complexx <br>Essential Oil Blend
Magi-Complexx <br>Essential Oil Blend
Magi-Complexx <br>Essential Oil Blend
Magi-Complexx <br>Essential Oil Blend
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  • Helps alleviate joint pain, soothe aching joints & decrease inflammation*
  • Promotes a healthy inflammation response*
  • Supports healthy circulation, arteries & heart function*
  • Helps improve emotional balance, focus & well-being*
  • Supports good digestive health*
  • Invigorates mood & helps boost energy levels*


  • 3 scientifically proven inflammation fighters in one Bible-based formula
  • Convenient essential oil blend of turmeric, frankincense, and myrrh
  • Indigenously sourced ingredients
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Contains only pure, natural ingredients free from fillers, binders, and excipients
Dr. Melissa Gallagher, ND - Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Melissa Gallagher,
Naturopathic Physician

The amazing gift of the herbal trinity - an ancient healing medicinal that has been proven to provide some of the best anti-bacterial, pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties to the body. The trio of Frankincense, Myrrh and Turmeric is a powerhouse of healing.

The trio of herbs in Magi-Complexx provides the strongest most synergistic healing effect. Magi-Complexx can greatly help patients who suffer from arthritis pain, constant muscle aches and pains, neuropathy, systemic inflammation, slowed wound healing, circulatory challenges as well as skin irritations like eczema, psoriasis and acne.

The most critical active ingredient in Frankincense is boswellic acid which has immune modulating effects which can address inflammatory illnesses and has even been clinically proven to be active cancer cell apoptosis (https://bmccomplementmedtherapies.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1472-6882-9-6). Multiple studies have looked specifically into Frankincense and breast cancer, bladder cancer and melanoma. Frankincense also specifically targets free radicals and cytokines which are responsible for most inflammatory experiences.

Myrrh specifically, is known to aid in wound healing and digestive health imbalances. It has also been proven to be a potent immune system stimulant, that helps the immune system generate more white blood cells (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/23961070/). Myrrh has antibiotic properties and has been shown to help combat Lyme disease bacteria as well as drug-resistant infections. (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/25027570/) (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30332754/)

Turmeric’s most beneficial active compound is curcumin. Curcumin has been clinically proven to positively impact cardiovascular health, improve depression and even combat arthritis pain. Research has shown that turmeric can both prevent and reduce inflammation within the body. This aids in reducing pain, stiffness and inflammation related to arthritis as well as other painful conditions like colitis, IBS, heartburn, shingles, spinal stenosis, complex regional pain syndrome (RSD), fibromyalgia and sciatica.

Dr. Melissa Gallagher

Organic Turmeric

Organic Turmeric

Over 5,600 research studies show turmeric – with its active ingredient curcumin – is clinically proven to help curb inflammation and support the body in maintaining healthy inflammation levels. Our turmeric oil is CO2 extracted, which extracts the curcumin and other fat-soluble nutrients and beneficial compounds from the turmeric.
Organic Frankincense

Organic Frankincense

A highly prized aromatic resin collected from the bark of the Boswellia tree, frankincense has been revered since biblical times for its pleasing aroma and cleansing properties. Modern science shows it supports virtually every system of the body while decreasing pain and increasing joint function and flexibility.
Organic Myrrh

Organic Myrrh

Myrrh resin from the Commiphora myrrha tree has been used since ancient times as a perfume, incense, and medicine. It’s one of the best sources of sesquiterpenes, known for their anti-inflammatory and bacteria-killing properties. Myrrh helps protect cellular function and expedite the healing process.

3rd-Party Tested & Verified

Organixx pays to have all our products tested by NSF (an internationally recognized leader in independent product testing) and other highly reputable third-party testing labs. These third-party laboratories test for glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup), GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and heavy metals. We're proud to be one of the few (if not the only) supplement companies to openly and honestly share all of the test results on our website. Click here to see 3rd-party test results for ourMagi-Complexx
Essential Oil Blend

There are 3 individual essential oils that make up the Magi-Complexx Essential Oil blend. Both the frankincense and myrrh oils are steam distilled.

The turmeric oil is CO2 extracted. CO2 extraction of turmeric uses carbon dioxide as a nontoxic solvent to extract the oil from the turmeric root. The carbon dioxide returns to a gaseous state, leaving no harmful solvents behind. The benefit of CO2 extracted turmeric oil is that it contains beneficial curcumin, which is otherwise not present in turmeric essential oil.
If you’ve ever cut fresh turmeric root, you’ll be familiar with the yellowish-orange color that can stain cutting boards and clothing. This pigment (color) comes from the compound curcumin and is one of the primary reasons that turmeric is so beneficial health-wise.

Because Magi-Complexx Oil contains turmeric oil that has curcumin in it, the oil does have a yellowish-orange pigment that can stain.

We encourage you to be careful when applying to your skin so as not to transfer the oil to light-colored clothing, bedding, or towels. There may be a slight yellowish cast where it is applied to skin. There is also the potential for staining inside your diffuser, which may be unsightly but in no way will impact its performance.
Yes. Both Magi-Complexx oils and capsules are exclusively plant-based with no animal products.
Magi-Complexx contains myrrh. If taken internally, myrrh may cause stomach upset and diarrhea. Anyone with a medical condition related to the heart should check with their doctor before using myrrh oil, since myrrh may cause heart irregularities and lowered blood pressure. Since myrrh interacts with blood glucose it is also not recommended for people undergoing surgery and it is best to stop its use at least 2 weeks before surgery.

Myrrh oil is not recommended for people using anticoagulants such as warfarin, as it may have potential interactions. As myrrh has shown abilities to lower blood sugar, anyone with diabetes should consult with their doctor before taking.
For all Organixx products, we use only the cleanest and purest ingredients available. Each of the individual ingredients that are certified organic are specified on the label.

Our Magi-Complexx Essential Oil Blend is USDA Organic as we are able to source organic versions of all three of the oils (turmeric, frankincense, and myrrh).

In the case of our Magi-Complexx CAPSULES (powder formulation), the turmeric is certified organic. We use the clinically studied forms of Boswellia (frankincense) and myrrh which are not currently available as certified organic but are formulated for efficacy. The product does not contain any fillers, binders, or excipients.
The capsules and oil are very different products. The Magi-Complexx Capsules contain certain water-soluble fractions of the frankincense, turmeric, and myrrh, whereas the Essential Oil Blend contains the oil-soluble fractions. They can be used separately and are also wonderful when used together.
Yes, by refrigerating your essential oils you’re helping keep the components that make up your oils at an optimal level. All oils are subject to oxidation over time and light and heat speed up this process. This is why storing oils in a cool, dry, dark place is recommended.

While not required, refrigerating essential oils until you’re ready to use them can help slow down the oxidation process and increase their shelf life.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 724 reviews
Nikki Matters
Love this!!

It’s one of the only products that helps diminish brown spots and age spots on my face. I don’t mind aging but I can’t stand these spots, and this essential oil along with a carrier oil works wonders!

Iris A
Notice the difference

More energy since using this product

Relieves joint pain

Great for relieving joint pain and arthritis.

Ben F
Great product!

Great immune support!!!

Ezra Hester
Magi-complexx Essential Oil Blend

Great product. It is working. I will be ordering more.
Thank you!!

Lawrence Mcparland

Great product

No effect, unfortunately

I tried this topically and internally for piriformis/adductor pain. Unfortunately, I got no relief. But I can say, on a more positive note, that it takes away the itch of mosquito bites instantaneously.

Danette Walters

I use this product everyday. I add Magi oil to coconut oil and rub it all over my hands and knees. It helps relieve any pain and stiffness in my joints. I type all day long, This product keeps my finger nimble by keeping swelling down, and my skin stays hydrated.

Tilly Meuwissen
Magi-Complexx Essential Oil Blend

I have been using the oil now for about a month on a spot I have had on my leg for a very long time. It does not itch or is painful it's just there and has off and on a crust on it that comes off and then forms a new one. I have put a drop on it 3 to 4 times a day and it is very slowly shrinking. I hope this will make it go away.

Deborah Bell
#1 essential oil

I love this product! If you are only interested in buying one, this is it!

1-Year Money-Back Guarantee

Organixx Money Back Guarantee Seal

1-Year Money-Back Guarantee


Farm to Bottle Ingredients

The majority of daily vitamins and supplements on the market are made with synthetic ingredients, as well as fillers, binders, coloring, flavorings, preservatives, and other artificial ingredients that your body has a hard time recognizing. At Organixx, we’re proud to offer the absolute best nutritional formulas that help people get and stay healthy. Our products are made with REAL plants and whole FOODS that your body already knows how to assimilate and use to the greatest advantage for your health. They’ll help you look, feel, and live better... naturally!

People Over Profits

We believe in doing things differently. While most supplement companies spend the majority of their money on advertising, we spend ours on the highest-quality, clean, and non-GMO ingredients available – certified organic, whenever possible. In fact, we spend on average 400% (4 times) more to manufacture our products because of our certified organic ingredients and time-consuming fermentation and sprouting processes that increase bioavailability. In the end, you get exactly what you pay for – the best supplements on the market.

Maximum Nutrition

Many of our supplements and their ingredients are sprouted and/or fermented as part of the production process. You’ve likely heard about the gut health benefits of eating fermented foods. But did you know that fermentation also helps enhance the vitamin and mineral content of whatever’s being fermented? It’s a form of pre-digestion which means your body can absorb even more of the “good stuff” in the supplements.

More Bang for Your Buck

While our supplements might cost a little more, in the end, you save more. We focus on formulating synergistic BLENDS that address specific health needs. We start by researching the best and most effective synergistic combinations and then we source the cleanest, highest-quality ingredients available. You get the results you’re looking for without the expense and hassle of buying dozens of supplements and swallowing handfuls of pills every day. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Manufactured in the U.S.A.

All Organixx products are manufactured in the U.S.A. at an FDA-registered, CGMP-compliant facility. The vast majority of the individual whole food and specialty ingredients that we use in our supplements and skincare products are grown in and sourced right here in the U.S. The few ingredients sourced from other countries are indigenous to those regions, with ZERO of our ingredients being sourced from China.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

Vitamen Angels Proud Supporter

Organixx is Helping 80,000
Mothers & Children in 2023

Purchasing Organixx supplements does more than just support the health of you and your family... it also helps pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and children under five who are at risk of malnutrition... right here in the U.S. and around the globe. We are proud to partner with Vitamin Angels, a global public health nutrition organization. For over 25 years Vitamin Angels has promoted maternal and child health by ensuring vulnerable, underserved populations have access to lifesaving and life-changing vitamins and minerals. This year alone, Organixx's financial support will allow Vitamin Angels to assist 80,000 children and mothers in 70 countries and all 50 states. Thank you for helping us do even more good in the world!