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Magi-Complexx Essential Oil Blend

  • Regular Price: $79.90
  • Price: $38.95
  • You Save: $40.95 (51%)
  • Regular Price: $79.90
  • Price: $38.95
  • You Save: $40.95 (51%)
Product Description

Magi-Complexx Essential Oil Blend is a first-of-its-kind essential oil that takes three of the strongest inflammation support agents in nature (frankincense, myrrh, and turmeric), and combines them in the same perfect union treasured by the ancients.

Unlike the majority of essential oils on the market, this blend is 100% USDA Certified Organic, and completely safe.

Between our stringent production guidelines and the already small amount of raw material available globally, we’re restricted in the amount of Magi-Complexx Essential Oil Blend we’re able to produce. That said, we strongly urge you to get your supply of Magi-Complexx Essential Oil Blend now, while we still have it in stock.


Customer Reviews

Based on 1067 reviews
Can’t Believe it!!!

Since I’ve turned 50 years old in December 2021 I’ve noticed that I have been experiencing stiffness in my joints and muscles. Working out on a consistent basis has increased my stiffness and sore muscles even more. I found this vitamin on the web in search of some relief and let me tell you this has been one of the best purchases I have ever made. Not only does it help with my joints and stiffness it has helped me to be more mobile in my daily activities. I didn’t expect this to work as well as it did but I was willing to give it a try. I’m so happy. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful vitamin supplement for inflammation.

Magi-Complexx Capsules Magic

I started taking 2 Magi-Complexx Capsules with my breakfast about 4 weeks ago. Almost immediately I felt this energy I have not felt for decades and it has not stopped. They are a vital part of my well-being. Thank you Organixx.
Also of interest, I take Magi-Complexx Oil for my sore joints. Again, almost immediate reaction with the oil bringing relief to my aches and pains.

A must in my medicine cabinet

I have loved this product ever since Dr. Nuzum introduced it and have been buying since. I do 1 drop or 2 under my tongue every now and then as a health protocol. The magical result for me was my hemorrhoids developed after natural birth of my daughter 22 years ago. I have tried many products. They kept coming back and when they do, they are uncomfortable and painful. Never thought of using the MagiComplexx. One day I thought of trying it topically since it's a powerful anti-inflammatory. To my surprise, after 3 days. GONE! And never came back to this day after 5 years now. Once in a while I develop herpes sores. All I do is to dab on it. Next day, gone! I am so thankful for this product and it's now on regular order so I always have on hand at all times with an extra bottle to give away. I had a mold once that kept getting bigger. I applied and put band-aid on it to keep the medicine in. It never developed into anything else. Never had it tested either. Like I said this is a God-sent product. Based on all other reviews, it is definitely a must-have in my medicine cabinet.

Magi-Complexx Oil Blend

Perfect combination needed to make my inflammation fighting lotion.

Teresa Dalto
Didn’t notice anything

I had high hopes but didn’t notice anything

Adriana Valencia
the product is very good

the product is very good

Faye Jenkins
Magi-Essential complexx oil blend

I can not use it. It did nothing for my pain and gave me a very red rash. Do not recommend.

Don't know yet

I haven't started taken the supplement yet. Let you know later once I have taken .

Myrtha Mathieux
Mother Nature Gift against inflammation

I've been using Magi-Complexx and Magi-complex oil as a prevention for inflammation. I feel great, my body agreed with all Organixx supplements.

Steve Martin

Did not feel any better then my regular vitamin