Clean Sourced Collagens

  • List Price: $209.97
  • Price: $49.95
  • You Save: $160.02 (76%)
  • List Price: $209.97
  • Price: $49.95
  • You Save: $160.02 (76%)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 377 reviews
Excellent Product.

This Product is excellent and I am very satisfied to have ordered it
Thank you !

Great smoothie additive!

So far I’ve just used the collagen in smoothies, but I quickly noticed my nails are stronger, hair thicker, and skin smoother. I love it and it’s so easy to use. Plan on adding some next time I make Keto protein bars!

Wonderful Collagen

I am not sure since I am also taking Ocean's Alive and this which is helping but I have no more pain in my knee and my nails are growing faster. I am sure other things are happening inside and out, because this is a great pure collagen.
I researched for a long time and took other collagens which were junk, some even had sugar! Please always read the label, don't trust all their beautiful wording. I know myself, I like to hear it straight, and I don't go for all the fluff. Now this Clean Sourced Collagen so far is working on what I do see, and if it is working on that then I know it must be working on other areas.
I am on my second container now. Let me tell you how I take it and it is the best! well for me anyway. I pour a cup or more of Chocolate Almond milk into my magic bullet and add a scoop of the collagen then blend quickly, just seconds, and it taste great! I do it first thing in the morning with a couple cubes of ice and I love it! I am not even hungry until later and I know I am doing my body right . Try the Almond because it is healthy too and taste great! :)

Good product

The product dissolves better than other products and is virtually tasteless. I've noticed improvement in my fingernails which is probably one of the first places that would show evidence of its effect. No real joint relief yet.


As yet I haven’t noticed any difference in my health


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