Magi-Complexx Essential Oil Blend

  • List Price: $59.99
  • Price: $35.97
  • You Save: $24.02 (40%)
  • Nature’s 3 powerhouse ingredients for immunity support
  • Turmeric root extract, Frankincense extract, Myrrh
  • Only the purest, most potent ingredients
  • All-natural -- no filler ingredients, binders, excipients
  • An Organixx bestseller!
  • 100% Certified USDA Organic.
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  • List Price: $59.99
  • Price: $35.97
  • You Save: $24.02 (40%)
Product Description


Magi-Complexx Essential Oil Blend is a first-of-its-kind essential oil that takes three of the strongest inflammation support agents in nature (frankincense, myrrh, and turmeric), and combines them in the same perfect union treasured by the ancients.

Unlike the majority of essential oils on the market, this blend is 100% USDA Certified Organic, and completely safe.

Between our stringent production guidelines and the already small amount of raw material available globally, we’re restricted in the amount of Magi-Complexx Essential Oil Blend we’re able to produce. That said, we strongly urge you to get your supply of Magi-Complexx Essential Oil Blend now, while we still have it in stock.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 989 reviews

I have fibromyalgia and I've been taking one drop orally with 4oz of water my pain and inflammation has decreased considerably so I don't have to take as many T3s or muscle relaxants. The weather affects my fibromyalgia so damp rainy days are not good for me, the spring and fall are the worst. I spent the better part of 3 months in bed not able to move very well in the spring but this fall was good thanks to the Magi-Complexx. I had some pain and inflammation but was still able to do housework and didn't have very many days in bed like I usually have in the fall. Thank you for this wonderful product you've given me a better life.

I love it!

At first I couldn't tell if it was making any difference because I wasn't using it consistently. I think I feel better when I use it. Anytime I feel the beginning of a cold or that I want to strengthen my immunity, I either diffuse it or smell straight from the bottle and it goes away.

Magi-Complexx erased my dog´s tumor!

I put one drop of it every day on my dogs foot finger, she had a 2cm tumour (vets wanted to remove the whole finger) during 2 month and it has grown back, dried out and now completely disappeared!!! It’s really magic!!

Magi fomular

It's a great product for pain stiffness and more


I have issue with prostate and my numbers have gone up so I’m not sure if this product is working.


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