Anti-Aging Essentials for Men

  • List Price: $449.90
  • Price: $199.00
  • You Save: $250.90 (56%)
  • Contains five doctor-formulated supplements to help AGE-PROOF your body!
  • FREE comprehensive guide: 90 Days to Looking (and Feeling) 9 Years Younger (A $99.95 value!)
  • Supports healthy inflammation levels
  • Encourages healthy immune function
  • Balances out-of-whack hormones
  • Rejuvenates dry, sagging skin
  • Promotes optimal joint health
  • 1-YEAR 100% Money-Back Guarantee of Satisfaction
  • List Price: $449.90
  • Price: $199.00
  • You Save: $250.90 (56%)
Product Description

Amazing natural health breakthrough helps flush away the invisible “health destroyer”

Estrogen OVERLOAD!

According to leading doctors and scientists, too much estrogen in your body is linked to hundreds of common health problems like...

  • Bald Spots and thinning hair!
  • Soft, flabby muscles!
  • Beer belly!
  • “Man Boobs”!
  • Prostate problems!
  • Fatigue and low energy!
  • Poor concentration!
  • Memory loss!
  • And more!

Estrogen dominance is what happens when your body’s hormone balance gets thrown out-of-whack – and you’ve got too much estrogen – and not enough progesterone in your body.

Right now, you may be thinking…

“Hang on a sec… isn’t estrogen a female hormone?”

It’s true – most folks think about estrogen as a female hormone.

But the reality is... men need it too.

Male fat tissue manufactures the enzyme called aromatase that converts testosterone into estrogen.

Now, a healthy estrogen balance helps keep men fit, healthy, and strong. But as your testosterone levels decline with age – it’s easy to experience estrogen dominance – and that can lead to soft, flabby muscles, “male breasts,” “beer belly,” and low sex drive.

But now there’s great news...

You can take action TODAY to help...

  • Protect your body from the onslaught of estrogen overload
  • Turn “OFF” your body’s inflammation switch
  • Support a healthy metabolism
  • REVERSE symptoms of old-age health problems
  • And more

Introducing Anti-Aging Essentials for Men

With Anti-Aging Essentials for Men – you get an entire multi-nutrient system of high-quality organic AGE-DEFYING ingredients synergistically formulated to help restore your body back to natural hormone balance!

But Anti-Aging Essentials for Men doesn’t stop there. In fact, it’s formulated to help...

  • Ease painful joints and muscles
  • Support your overworked immune system
  • Restore your libido
  • Banish belly fat, “man boobs,” and flabby muscles
  • Supercharge your brain, memory, and mood
  • And more!

Anti-Aging Essentials for Men does this and SO much more. You see our Chief Medical Officer – Dr. Daniel Nuzum N.D., Ph. D. – was determined to create the right combination of natural therapies, vitamins, herbal remedies, and SUPERFOODS to deliver optimal results.

You get an entire multi-nutrient system – that contains 5 precisely formulated products – that work together to give you the nutrients you need... at the optimal dose required... to support your body... and REVERSE the effects of inflammation in your body.

Each serving consists of easy-to-swallow pills – and 1 scoop of a flavorless drink powder – mixed in your favorite smoothie, juice, or water. Use it in the morning and evening for best results!

Anti-Aging Essentials for Men is designed to not just help you feel good – which you will – it’s also going to help you perform like you were in your 20s and 30s once again!

And the best part?

You’ll experience noticeable results within the first 14 days – or else return for a FULL refund!

Discover more about this incredible age-defying breakthrough here....

Anti-Aging Essentials for Men includes…

Part 1: Inflammation support!

Turmeric 3D harnesses the power of organic, fermented turmeric... PLUS a unique blend of fermented vitamin D3… ashwagandha… organic ginger… and organic turkey tail mushroom GUARANTEED to help...

  • Deliver powerful antioxidants to your entire body! Smother the aches and pains of inflammation. Experience genuine relief from joint pain, swelling, and stiffness.
  • Boost your mood! Kick your blues to the curb. Strengthen your ability to cope with everyday stress.
  • Improve memory and enhance mental clarity! Eliminate brain fog and supercharge your focus.
  • Flush out toxins from your bloodstream! Promote normalized blood sugar, balanced cholesterol, and healthy blood flow!
  • And so much more!

Part 2: All-Natural Immune System Makeover!

7M+ contains 7 specifically selected fermented mushrooms that deliver full-spectrum antioxidant power – to slow down your overworked immune system... promote optimal immune function... and a whole lot more!

In every serving you get…

  • Turkey Tail – helps alleviate the effects of stress and lowers cortisol.
  • Chaga – fights off free radicals that cause premature aging.
  • Shiitake – to reduce inflammation and promote healthy cell growth.
  • Lentinan – supports healthy cholesterol levels and a healthy immune system.
  • Cordyceps – boosts energy, reduces fatigue, and promotes a healthy mood.
  • Lion’s Mane – to fight off forgetfulness, brain aging, and age-related mental decline!
  • Reishi – helps reduce inflammation and promotes healthy heart function.

Part 3: Balance your out-of-whack hormones!

T-Plexx works naturally with your body’s own endocrine system to churn out healthy, natural levels of testosterone. Its 13 targeted, all-natural ingredients power up your body’s ability to build more strength, muscle, and stamina. And best of all, it helps you to feel like you’re in your 20’s again.

T-Plexx delivers 13 targeted nutrients to help...

  • Boost testosterone production – and balance hormones for good health and youthful vitality!
  • Maintain muscle mass and strength – so you can eliminate “man boobs” and a flabby, stubborn fat!
  • Promote healthy sexual performance and stamina – that means MORE energy, too!

Part 4: Powerful Joint Repair formula!

Clean Sourced Collagens is hands down the most bioavailable collagen supplement you’ll find anywhere.

With every serving:

  • You get 5 Types of collagen – from FOUR different sources, so you can get absolutely as MANY age-defying benefits as possible…
  • You get Camu-Camu – for a powerful source of vitamin C, so your body can actually USE the collagen you take…
  • You get Acerola Cherry – for even more bioavailable vitamin C and an array of phytonutrients that ensure your body recognizes and USES the vitamin C for collagen production…
  • You get Horsetail Extract – to practically guarantee your body has the “building blocks” needed for collagen, so it can repair your skin, joints, muscles, and more…
  • You get Zinc Gluconate – as a “guarantee” that the collagen you take will go to the places it’s needed in your body for rebuilding, rejuvenation, and repair.

Part 5: Healthy Metabolism Support!

Research shows that too much inflammation in the body can trigger estrogen dominance.

How? By activating an enzyme called aromatase.

When there’s too much aromatase activity in the body – estrogen dominant conditions, like obesity... blood sugar imbalances.. and heart problems, can be the devastating result.

The good news: META-Plexx is a natural aromatase inhibitor. It’s formulated to help your body metabolize estrogen so that it doesn’t build up in your bloodstream and cause estrogen dominance. What’s more, this powerful formula helps support proper estrogen balance – both before and after your testosterone levels naturally decline with age.

FREE GIFT: 90 Days to Looking (and Feeling) 9 Years Younger!

In our complimentary copy of 90 Days to Looking (and Feeling) 9 Years Younger – you’ll get a comprehensive guide to use along with Anti-Aging Essentials for Men.

You’ll learn how to best use the products contained in Anti-Aging Essentials for Men to achieve optimal results. And you’ll uncover diet and exercise tips... tricks... and techniques to support you on your journey to looking and feeling younger in the fastest time possible.

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed...
or else... return for a FULL refund!

At Organixx, we don’t just guarantee that you’ll be absolutely thrilled and amazed with Anti-Aging Essentials for Men. We guarantee that you will experience results starting in just 14 days or less.

If not – simply return the bottles (even if they’re empty) – and you get a 100% refund on your original purchase price!

And you get to keep your GIFT just for giving Anti-Aging Essentials for Men a try. You don’t risk a single PENNY! Anti-Aging Essentials for Men MUST work for you or you can send the system back for a full refund!


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
The Best I've ever felt!

I did a 9 day H2O fast in which I only ingested my supplements and nothing else and I Feel AMAZING!! All my blemishes cleared up, my blurry vision is gone, and my knee and hip pain are history! I am SOOOOO Graeful to Organixx they are the 1st supplements I have taken in my adlt life and at 49yrs old, I have the energy, vitality, and body, of my 18y old self! God Bless You All!

Phenomenal Supplements

I am 49 and have never used supplements before as I am a vegan and mostly raw foodist, but I am Loving the anti-aging essentials package and am feeling and looking younger after less than a month. I have been using Organixx during my current fast of 6 days and will do just water for the last 6! Is it possible to get collagens from plants? I'm also an animal rights activist and don''t wish to use animal products. Thank you ALL soooooo much! God Bless

Love love love!

These products are changing my life!
The E-Plexx has made it where I don't need a nap daily anymore!

Anti aging essentials

I’m not sure that I can write an informed opinion yet. But I can say the products do make me feel more energetic so far.

Aches and Pains almost gone

Loving these vitamins, feeling my aches and pains in my knees go away. I've been wanting to work out again but my knees stopped me. Now I feel I can get back to doing exercises, slowly but surely!


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