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Cricket Super Fuel Chocolate

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  • Delivers long-lasting ENERGY – to keep you going all day
  • Boosts your BRAIN power – for a sharper memory and better concentration
  • Strengthens your IMMUNE power – to fight off nasty germs
  • Improves DIGESTION – for greater regularity
  • Supercharges your METABOLISM – to burn stubborn fat faster
  • USDA Certified Organic
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  • Regular Price: $50.00
  • Price: $8.00
  • You Save: $42.00 (84%)
Product Description

Catch the “bug” that gives you MORE Energy… SHARPER Memory… and STRONGER Immunity

Introducing our organically pure Cricket Super Fuel formula – now available for the first time ever in the U.S! It’s the simple, hassle-free way to get potent levels of vitamin B12 into your diet every single day.

The USDA reports a staggering 40% of the U.S. population is vitamin B12 deficient. And that’s a serious problem since B12 deficiency is linked to a host of health problems including shortness of breath… heart palpitations… depression… memory loss… and more!

The great news is: Clinical studies confirm that crickets contain 30X more vitamin B12 than beef! And the vitamin B12 produced by crickets is highly bioavailable – meaning it can be quickly absorbed and easily digested – so you can experience the maximum health benefits in the FASTEST time possible.

In every serving of Cricket Super Fuel, you get a full 120 micrograms of vitamin B12 that’s guaranteed to help you…

  • Experience HIGHER energy levels throughout your entire day
  • Build more muscle for a lean, toned body
  • Nourish your cells with youth-restoring nutrients
  • Boost good bacteria in your gut for healthy digestion

And much more!

It’s no wonder scientists are calling crickets the breakthrough SUPERFOOD of the century. No other “bug” comes close to the nutrient-rich power locked away in crickets!

Cricket Super Fuel formula contains free-range organic crickets in every serving

All crickets used in our Cricket Super Fuel formula are 100% PURE – and are a rich source of the advanced fiber nutrient – known as chitin (pronounced ky- ten) – that’s clinically-proven to help boost your digestion… support a healthy weight… maintain healthy cholesterol levels… and so much more!!

The crickets are grown from egg to full adult maturation according to free-range guidelines. That means…

  • Each cricket had been fed organic food.
  • Farming conditions are set according to their natural habitat.
  • No crickets are harvested prior to their 6-week lifespan to ensure full maturity.

NO additives… preservatives… or chemicals are administered during this process to ensure ALL crickets maintain their naturally high levels of B12… proteins… omegas… and amino acids for maximum absorption!

You can rest assured that you’re getting organically pure crickets in every serving of Cricket Super Fuel!

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Now, here’s the best part about our cutting-edge energy-boosting formula…

You won’t even know you’re “eating” crickets!

Our exclusive formula delivers all the nutrient-rich cricket power to you – without having to literally crunch on a cricket. Cricket Super Fuel comes in a finely-ground organic powder form. All you see when you open the container are teeny, tiny - sand size - brown granules making up the powder. In fact, you’d never know by the look and taste that you’re consuming crickets!

Cricket Super Fuel is now available in two great tasting flavors – plain and chocolate. You can blend each scoop into smoothies… shakes… and even your favorite organic juicing recipes. Or you can simply mix it with water – for an equally delicious taste.

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